10/7/13 Sylvia's & Kingsly's Bday @ Three Wise Monkeys, Setia Walk Puchong

Some selcas with one of the main stars of the day in the car before heading to the rendezvous.

The three wise monkeys Food Menu is two paged and it is huge! 
And also another for "The Drink List"
Many selections of food and drink to choose from. 
So, here are some of the food that I managed to take some pictures of.

Bacon Pork Pineapple Fried Rice RM17
Didn't try this out, but it looked like your everyday normal fried rice with pineapple and bacon.

The Mushroom Soup RM16
This is a must-try! Pwen suggested it as she saw someone made a review out of it. And I have to say I didn't regret ordering this. The portion was more than I expected and it is reasonable for it's price.

Spaghetti carbonara RM20+ (sorry, I didn't take note of this dish's price!)
The cheese wasn't very overwhelming, so it didn't made me feel jelat. Won't feel sick of the food like normally when you if you eat too much cheese or something heavy. The taste was just a little above average for me.

I'm sorry, I have no idea what this is. XD 
and I don't know how it tasted either. Didn't try

Pork Neck Steak RM25
The sauce is very sweet, so be careful when you think of pouring the whole thing on the steak! (Like what my boyfriend did, but it didn't affect anything actually)

All Day Breakfast RM25
Didn't really like this. The sausage didn't leave much taste in my mouth and it is not as salty as I hope it would be. Did I make any sense by the way? Lol, I just thought it would be nicer if it was saltier I mean.

Signature Beef Burger RM27
The beef didn't have much taste either but it was very thick. Even our muscle man, Mr Hau Loong didn't finish his food after fasting for the whole day. 

End for food post.
I'm gonna start spamming photos of the night right now. 

One left cheek, one right cheek. Lol, friends.

Chok Yong 


The birthday girl and birthday guy making a wish together!

We were like paparazzi, taking whole loads of pictures of them. Haha

Flaming alcohol on the house from Three Wise Monkeys for the birthday sweethearts!

Me with my tanggachi, who I have not seen for awhile. 
This picture was kinda awkward actually. LOL. I don't know how to explain.

I think Jonsin was a little tipsy already.. 


Zhy Jing's ears was pulled by her gf in the first picture and her expression was just priceless. Haha!
And met a new friend Yi Ting who is also an ex-MMUian in Malacca campus.

Silly faces time!

Lol, Idk why Jonsin looked like that... Just feel it was very funny, that's why I posted it here. LOL

Ending this post with a group picture of all of us that attended the birthday dinner. 

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