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isn't this just adorable?!?
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So yesterday when I was suppose to bury my face into my notes, I got side-tracked and begin to read some blogs through Imotiv. Then this leads to that and then I started to browse through online boutiques. LOL. I think it's kind of a trend nowadays, facebook has a lot of online boutique and they sell kind of cheap too. I can actually spend like few hours to browse through multiple sites but never actually buy them. That's because I tried ordering clothes online (like 3 years back), but the quality is just disappointing. And all those clothes are left in the wardrobe to rot. Then again I gave a shot in ordering again (last year) via Qoo10 (Malaysia's G-market) with my mum. We both ordered some blouses and again... They just look too ugly to wear. The cutting just seems too weird! But then I realize, we didn't even checked the measurements in the first place, we just blindly click "Add Item" when we see how it looks on the model. This is very important. Please take note newbie shoppers! 

So, why do I still want to waste my time browsing?
Because the designs of the dresses, tops, shorts and accessories are so goddamn tempting! 
I wonder why we can't find all these nice clothes down at the retail stores. Even if they did sell them, I bet they are a few hundred bucks. 

Then... AGAIN.. last two months, I tried ordering again *Lol, this person just won't learn her lesson*. And again via Qoo10. THIS TIME, I was vigilant enough to check the measurements and read the reviews from the other customers regarding the items. With high hopes, I clicked the [Submit Order] button. Within two weeks, it came. Okay, this time, I didn't feel like I want to rip these clothes apart. I tried them on, and I love them. BUT, the quality is of course, below average. You get what you paid for. I have a high-waist short that actually ripped off after I wore it once *too fat la*. The seller promises that the shorts can actually stretch even further away from my size, but I think the material just can't take it already. I also bought some skirts, but I can't wear it when it's windy. If not, I'm going to flash everyone in my view. Actually, can't even wear them in a room with fans also. =.=.
Lol.. I'm like writing a review in this post but I'm just too lazy to snap pictures of them.

Blah blah blah. But I still wear them occasionally right now. So far, so good. 
Oh, I just ordered a few things from Temptations blogshop too. I'm just too attracted to the things that they are selling and also their blog template is so interesting (coding maniac but don't know code HTML/CSS. fail.). Waiting waiting and waiting for my order to arrive right now! 

Oh, btw, I've changed a little something something in my blog. 
Simple and Clean is the way to go? Haha.

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