We Love Asia Concert!

I can't believe we really did this!  
Finally, the day have arrived for We Love Asia Concert! 
Me, Isabelle and Didie bought our tickets way ahead of the concert via e-ticketing. It was a bummer though, turns out many people are selling their tickets last minute with really cheap prices! Some even offered FOC tickets!

Day 1 of We Love Asia Concert
We arrived around 7pm, not many were there. Malaysian DJs were on the stage though. 

A little group photo before we official get on with it.

Yolando Be Cool was the first DJ to come out. 

 Second was DJ Antoine

Then Taio Cruz. 
This was the second time I've seen him performed live actually.

A random picture with Isabelle, Captain America(Malaysian Edition) and SkullGuy
Look at the expressions on the other person. Omg, priceless! They looked so bored!

And I bumped into Vivien and her friends!
I didn't know they were going! It was pure coincidence! 

Surprise surprise! I bumped into an old friend of mine too! It's been ages since I saw her!
It's good to see you Mei Yan! 

 And lastly, DJ Ferry Corsten
This dude was amazing. Personally, I think he was the best one for the night on that day. 
Didie even said that his music is almost like on-par with Swedish House Mafia. 

Three of us was exhausted and hungry after the concert because we didn't take our dinner before going there. We had our late lunch at 3pm so we didn't felt like eating before going. Big mistake. 

Day 2 of We Love Asia Concert
We were exhausted on the second day, so we arrived there around 9pm. Turns out we were just in time for the hot musics. And it was PACKED. The crowd was crazier than yesterday.
 First was DJ Joachim Garraud. He was really awesome, one of the best DJ in the concert! 

A random cute guy gave this thing to me. He was a dancing machine I tell ya! 

 Can you spot the box-head guy?? 

 Because The Party Rock Crew and Red Foo was next!
We went really front when they were performing. And this afro guy was in front of us. This picture was ruined. T.T

They even did the wiggle-wiggle thing with only wearing their metallic underwear on! OMG. Okay, but just for awhile though, they put their pants on after the brief obscene hip-shaking.
I didn't take a very nice picture of it though, because everyone one was going crazy and was taking their mobile phone out to capture the whole scene too. 

 Lastly, was DJ Steve Aoki.
We were exhausted by then and went behind. It turns out, Red Foo came out again, so it was like a combi performance from Aoki and Foo. Then some people got caked by Aoki! A real fucking cake thrown right on the crowds' face! My gosh! Then they threw an inflatable boat with a random hot chick sitting on it to the crowd and make them pass her around while she is on that boat. It failed though after 30 seconds, the girl drowned in the sea of people. LOL. I feel bad for her.

Crazier for the second day.

 Surprisingly, we found parking easily on the first and second day. And there was no jam when we went back too. I think this only happen because it is in Sepang F1 Circuit.
After going through two days of the concert, we learned that it is best to:
  1. Eat before you go to the concert. NO MATTER WHAT. Because you're going to stand, dance and move a lot. Better have energy for those!
  2. Wear sneakers. It's much more comfortable than sandals, slippers and high heels. I've seen some girls wearing high heels, obviously it's not a good thing. There are going to hurt like hell!
  3. Sneak a bottle of water if you can. I know bringing a bag can be a hindrance. But hey, they are going to charge you RM10 for a can of coke/a bottle of mineral water in there.
  4. Don't wear eyeliner make-up, which will melt when you sweat. Unless you have those waterproof and smudge-proof ones. Mine melted and I looked like a panda when I got bad. It is not a very pleasant sight! 
  5. Bring an extra hair-tie, especially for the long-haired girls. It's going to get really sweaty and hot. 
  6. You don't need to arrive early for these kind of party if you don't like to wait.
  7. This advice is also for girls, if you can, please bring some guy friends too. It will be safer and if you want to prevent the perverts from grinding your ass or even tried to "attack" you.
  8. Avoid bringing not-fun-friends because they will obviously, spoil the mood.
  9. Never be too friendly with strangers. I've meet some who are friendly in a good way, but also some who have another thing coming. Please be cautious, especially to those good-looking ones and those who looked like they club all the time. Personally, I don't like being touched by strangers. I know it's normal in the club, but I don't like it at all.
  10. Move, if they are drunk people next to you. I meet this guy who kept leaning on us even when there were space in front of him. He just keep going behind on purpose. It was uncomfortable. A random guy helped us by shielding us with his body(a big thanks to this gentleman!) and kept pushing him in front. He was pissed at him and us though. Never pick a fight with these people, there are damn scary. I thought I was going to be kidnapped that day or something. Just move some where where they are out of sight.
  11. Do not stand near an afro dude. BECAUSE they will friggin summon a small parade of sweat rain on you! Their hair is like a mini rain-cloud!!! I've experienced it, trust me on this. 

11. Lastly, have loads of fun! 

Love you girls!
We should do this again, except next time, we make it a one day instead of two! Haha!

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