Fail tyre

Never really thought about how I would handle a punctured tyre. Luckily, I was around campus so I could call some friends over to help me. I could not imagine how I was going to deal with it if I was driving to or fro Shah Alam or even Seremban alone. 
I mean, I think I can handle to change the tyre myself... or maybe not, I don't have much strength to unscrew the tyre out. My weight isn't exactly very light, but I don't think it was enough to cause enough power to unscrew it. Doomed. I'm doomed for sure. I don't want to drive alone to a far away place especially not at night. But of course, as if I'm going to listen to my own advice. -.-
If I however, CAN do it. It might take me.. Let's see.. 2 hours? To change it? I think. I hope.

Thank you Alvin, for agreeing to help me even when he's busy in his studies, but it looks like he was not needed in the first place because there were people helping me already before he came but thanks anyway! Thank you Soon Fatt, for lending me a hand too right after our exam. Although, erm, not in the physical department but at least you have attracted two fine people to come over and help a stranger. Thank you the two passerby course-mates whose name I do not remember. I'm sorry. But thank you. 

Okay, back to studying.

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