It's the first day of 2013

I guess everyone survived the apocalypse huh? Congratulations! You're still alive! Glad the Mayan prediction crap went wrong, now we can live longer and await for someone to give us the doomsday bomb again.

So, this year 2012 has been a long year for me. After reading back my old blog posts, I've realized so much has changed. I don't blog much this year as I have lost my light in blogging, but I'm back again right now. I realize I still love writing and ranting as much as I did. I don't blog to please anyone anymore, I blog to express myself. I used to have this mindset that I should be blogging to get famous like the other blogger girls if not then I shouldn't write much. *I feel like I've said this before but.. mehh I'll say it again* Blog about events *sorry, none so far lol* , how I spend my vacations overseas *I didn't even finish my Korea post, I got lazy*, post pretty pictures of me and my outfit *sorry, time is gold. I don't dress up much or go out much* , write about volunteer working *uh huh, none this year. Never am a kind-hearted girl*. I guess I got carried away by envying each and every one of them when I read 'em blogs. But not anymore.

For the past year, I...

  • had given up on writing a new year resolution as I thought I wouldn't achieve it anyway. Bad way of thinking, why was I like that!? So unproductive.
  • have so many random blog posts. I don't know how to get them organized.
  • received my first hand-made chocolate on Valentine's day ❤. I didn't know they were handmade until few months later. Dense-ass Joey. LOL. 
  • went to Avril Lavinge's Black Star Tour! Didn't blog much about it. DX
  • Went for a Ipoh-TelukIntan Road-trip with uni friends. No post! :(
  • had a Melacca food hunt with uni friends and my mum. My mum get along really well with my friends and some times, I think they prefer her to me. LOL.
  • took part in a fun photography for "Black" album. And again, not posted in my blog. 
  • went to Seoul! Day 1 extras, Day 2, and Day 3-7 I didn't write in. *slap myself*
  • moved to a new blog, drunkwithcaffeine! Just because I feel like it. 
  • worked for Starbucks but it ended ugly. 
  • got into my first serious relationship
  • Had another food trip to Malacca. This time with post. LOL
  • attended my very close seniors' graduation, went to Shanghai with mother, went to Legoland with my love, and went to Big Bang Alive Concert. All mashed up in this one post.
  • Oppa Gangnam style happened.
  • got my first Dean's award for my Degree.
  • fired a gun for the first time.
So so so much has happened, but I think I didn't achieve any big thing I can be proud of. Well, except for getting my Dean's award. Working in Starbucks went well at first but then it turned out ugly because of the staff issues, I was in the wrong too. *sigh* 
I'm beginning to love travelling. I traveled the most this year, inside and outside of the country. 

With those things in mind, I am now writing down my 2013 new year's resolution!
  1. Study hard and achieve greater results. Aim for first class and maintain it. 
  2. Travel more when the chance is given. Next stop, Taiwan! *anywhere else is fine too*
  3. Improve my cooking skills. So I can proudly present my cooking to everyone. :P
  4. Take part in a competition no matter if I'm good at it or actually am bad at it. Aiming for programming competitions. 
  5. Discover my passion.. Actually I already know what I love, it's just that I don't do anything about it. 
  6. Plan out my future.
  7. Be stronger and more independent. In the end, we all have to depend on ourselves.
  8. Get fit. The word "exercise" scares me but I know living an unhealthy life is going to make me suffer in old age.
  9. Find good friends who will support me and have fun with me together. Friends come and go, this is a fact. But I should never lost all hope even after many disappointments. 
  10. Be happy! I don't care how silly this is, but it's my life long goal. I will not let unhappy reality consume me.
 Happy New Year everyone! Hope ya'all have a great and productive year ahead! 

Much love, 

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