16/1/13 Mini 8 arrived!

By far, I think the Bak Kut Teh in Seri Kembangan serves the best bkt ever (speaking from my limited gourmet experience aka by far). Had lunch there today and I managed to eat one and a half bowl of rice and one serving of dry bkt by myself. Because Alex and Caprice don't eat dry bkt. WHAT!?!?!? It's so nice and tastyyyy, why are there people who don't want to eat it!?? I used to don't like the dry one but then I've taken a liking to it after getting used to the smell and now I'm officially hooked. But can't eat bkt too much, it's very heaty and fattening. Boo hoo. I skipped my dinner and I'm starving right now. I felt really full just now though, that's why I didn't eat. It's my cue to sleep after I publish this.

My instax mini 8 has arrived! But...... it's not in my hands right now. It's in Seremban, I can only collect it by next week the earliest I think. T.T Can't wait to tear the bubble wrap into pieces!!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!
I'm not sadistic. Please don't misunderstand. I'm more of a masochist... and maybe a little sadist too. Shit what am I saying.

And so the gym again! This time, it's in Seri Hijauan Condo residence. They have a gym! I didn't know this till today when I asked my Siao Yi. I planned to follow my mum to Taipan True Fitness but I have to drive there. I have to go through the horrible traffic jam. I have to park my car, that means I have to search for a car park. Basically, it spells t-o-o-m-u-c-h-w-o-r-k. Time is GOLD, my man. So, after my discovery of the new-found gym, I called my mother and "No, Ma, I'm not going anymore. Yes. I'm not going there to eat dinner. Arh. Why i go gym ar? BECAUSE YOU ALL KEEP CALLING ME FEI MUI LAH, BABI SIAL".  But it's kinda small and the equipment is very limited. Luckily I went there the earliest and I have the license to hog the treadmill to myself for 45 minutes. Hohoho!
An auntie came in 15 mins later after I've started the machine. She emulated the treadmill simulation (without the treadmill obviously) while playing her mobile phone, with the mobile phone playing "Skyfall" on repeat and it was on loudspeaker mode. Honestly, I think that song doesn't motivate anyone to run. Luckily I had my headphones on and I can enjoy my own music without having to listen to Skyfall for an hour. 

Confession. I didn't run much today as I experience pain in my left hip when I fasten my pace. DX Why is this happening!?! Should I eat before I exercise then? Or is it better to sweat -> shower -> eat ?


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