Plan B and Vanilla Cakes, Paradigm mall

Had an impromptu outing at Paradigm mall to catch a movie, "Parental Guidance".
It was really funny and heart-warming. I give it 8/10. :D Can go watch!

Went to Plan B for dinner with Pwen, Jonsin and Ah en
The seriousness in this picture... is so awkward lol

Iced Italian coffee rm10

Duck and Orange Salad - rm20

Char-Grilled Cheeseburger - rm25

Asian-Style Golden Softshell Crab - rm23
All the food taste great! Well, with the exception of the burger. The burger was somehow had a very hard texture on the patty. So *buzzzz*. The salad was really good, but I don't like the bitterness of the vege, it has a weird aroma too. But it is still passable with the orange sauce and oranges and the pumpkin seeds. I've tried the same pasta twice, and it is still the same, TASTY. Will try the others next time! Oh, if you think it's kinda pricey for one of each meal. It's actually is not, if you consider how big the portion is. The salad and the spaghetti is in a quite big portion. Plus the pasta, they served us a crab. Four of us shared the foods. The burger on the other hand, no. Don't. Just don't.

 After the movie, we went for our "teatime" at Vanilla Cakes
Newly open at Paradigm mall, if you like Nadeje, you should come here and have a taste. It is not similar to Nadeje though. The cakes they make is very different in taste. 
Chocolate and Oreo layer cake - rm9 each
I personally liked both of these. Oh, the staff has so hardcore in marketing the cakes, he will cut any cake up for you to try. Any! Maybe because it is still new. Will come back again to eat the rest of the flavor! I'm a layer cake maniac! Hahaha!

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