3/1/13 Burger King

If you know me well, you should find out that I find fast food unappetizing. I don't like to indulge in fizzy drinks either. I don't like stuff that is too sweet. But of course there's some few exceptions. I can tolerate 100 plus (if I add salt in it, which makes it not so gassy), KFC's fried chicken and chocolate. Actually, some times I crave for KFC.. it is still categorize as fast food right? I'm contradicting myself. -.-

Today, I am adding on more to my list. Burger King. I was alone so I went to the drive-thru. T.T Nobody asks me for lunch. I did ask Alex, but them too busy for their assignment. I have too less friends who I can randomly call up to eat. Oh, back to burgers.
I've made this discovery during my Matlab course I attended last week. That is, I think, the first time I have had Burger King in my stomach. *Maybe I've had it before, or maybe I've sat in the burger joint before, but I never purchase their food to eat* No joke. My hutan-ish hometown doesn't have McDonald until just few years ago. I only have KFC during my childhood.
Burgers, are neutral for me. I can't say I like them, I can't say I hate them either. Burger King's burgers well.. made me have a change of heart.

My first Whopper! with cheese of course.
I ordered a large one because I thought the regular size one was too small, even for me. It's really good but then when I ate this, I barely finished it. It's very filling. Oh, I don't like fries either. What a waste. I think I'll order ala carte next time instead. Since I don't like fries AND the fizzy cola drink. Oh, it cost me around RM18...... Very costly price to pay. Ouh.. I can have 2 meals with that money. *Typical cheapskate asian ranting about food prices*

Talking about $$, what's up with the food prices these days? They keep on raising the food prices! Jeez, talk about scamming. Most of the restaurants in Cyberjaya likes to scam student's money! Some of the restaurants are really unreasonable. My one meal have to be like minimum RM10 excluding drinks. OMG, don't get me started about the drinks. Most of the cafes here charge around (min.) RM5 for a drink. Even mineral water needs to be RM2. WTFISTHIS!?!!? Pandai pandai aje letak prices yang berlampau-lampau sial. You know what that means? If I would include drinks in every meal. I have to spend for like.. RM40 for 3 meals a day. That is like RM1200 per month! FUCKING CRAZY I TELL YA! I haven't even add the rentals and the bills. It would be a whooping RM1500. A student. Minimum usage is RM1500. The poor will become poorer. The rich will become richer. =.= This world is a really filthy world. I don't wanna live in this place anymore.
Do they really want us students to eat bread and maggi mee for the rest of our lifes!?!?!? RM2 for a day. That's like RM60 only for a month. WHAT A BIG DIFFERENCE?!? But who would convert? From food to bread and noodles. Oh, not to mention people can die from eating too much maggi mee. Not to mention that it's fattening too, both bread and instant noodles. alsdfhaksjdfhlakjelfkasldkfjadlsfk

Rant, rant, rant, nag, nag, nag.
Sleep time. Good night!

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