Suprisingly, sleeping at 11pm and waking up at 7am doesn't make me sleepy during the day time. But I'm heck sleepy now. It's 11pm already. But I have to finish this first. Will continue to study tomorrow morning. Waking up at 7am again of course. They say sleeping 7 hours is sufficient while sleeping 8 hours is not good for the health. I've been sleeping 8 hours and more for a long time now. LOL. I should stop. 

And back to today.

Went for lunch with Thum and Soonen, bakkutteh in the afternoon at Puchong. It was the first time I went to find them for lunch during the weekdays and it was the first time I went to fetch both of them who are in Puchong. Thum got his first paycheck and he treats us all! So nice of him! Then I stayed back at Soonen's place to play PS3. Capcom Marvel arcade game was really fun. And I was shocked by the characters that can be played. Including Phoenix Wright and Amaterasu! LOL. Brother is already jealous of me hahaha! But I suck in Tekken, it requires too much kung fu and patience. I don't like it, because I keep losing. XD
Came home during the rain and didn't made any progress in my studies. Great. Procrastination at it's best. 

I'm so good at taking candid. Yet again.

Went out for dinner with Sylvia, Alex, Alvin and SF at Kenny Roger's. A great discovery that they have promotions every Weds for Bcard members. Gonna go again next Weds. 

Alex got a Nokia Lumia! It was really cool and it cost him RM1996 if my memory serves me right. It looked very high tech to me at first because of the foreign layout of the main screen. Got too used to Apple OS. Windows 8 isn't really very user-friendly at all. I find it really difficult to navigate through the phone. The coolest thing that I like about the phone is that it can translate text on the image with the camera and post the translated text on the screen overlapping the original text! I'm not really a big tech nerd, but this had me in awe. Other than that nothing much that catches my attention. If you like things in black, grey and white, I think this phone should suit you very well. Cause it's not very colorful at all, in general I mean (expect for the pictures of course!). 

I'm very curious at it's "drop-proof" ability though. My boyfriend told me that they could knock a nail with it like a hammer and it won't even have a scratch. But on Youtube, drop test proves Lumia screen will of course, crack but still functional. Nokia is famous for it's.. urm.. invincible-like mobile phones. Lumia, the predecessor for Nokia 3310. Hahaha! To be honest, I felt like throwing it to the ground when I held it to see how it would react to the fall. To see if it really won't have a scratch or crack at all on the phone. But it's not MINE, so too bad. :(

I'm addicted again to Chatime these few days, somebody please stop me from spending extra moolahs again! DX

I actually submitted two entries of this post, one in my private blog and one here. I got so used to write in my private one. But hey, no hurt in copy and pasting what I wrote! Haha.
Okay, sleep time for me right now. Goodnight! 

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