Went to a new place to have lunch.
 Penang Nasi Kandar, Restoran Kok Siong, Puchong

This is really good! Though the mutton is kinda hard to chew, but it is not un-chew-able. Normally I don't eat the keropok thing, but I finished it up. The chicken, curry, vege was all good too. I'm sorry, I seem kinda lost for words for this. I don't have any proper way of explaining how good it is except to say that "it is good". LOL, I'm laughing at myself. 

Went to a movie again today. 
A Malaysian movie.
I'm sorry, I couldn't find the poster on google! All I got was another movie with the same title which was release in 1973

By watching the trailer, I thought it was about a triangle love story between this girl, a young man and an old man who looks like a hobo man. Then, I was proved wrong. =.= It was not. The trailer was misleading us all along. It turns out that the two guys were the same person, and then the girl acted as the lover of the guy and also as the daughter (scenes where the guy has become old). @@. Confusing. I find the movie somewhat disgusting because of the immoral behavior from the girl part. Although it is not intentionally but it is still very disturbing. They cut a lot of scenes and that made me all the more confused. I see there were many kissing and 18+ scene. The ending was.. very disappointing. When the truth was revealed in the end about the girl being the daughter of his lover, I was like....................... wtf just happened? I don't wanna watch anymore, this is sick, this is boring, this is just... just.... what? huh? wha???

Rating 2/10 because some part of the movie in the beginning was captivating. Or else it would be just 1/10 or even 0. That's my personal opinion. I'm so disappointed. I was cheated again by the trailer. T.T

I was so clumsy today. I was so flustered. I'm sorry I didn't know what to do and I overlooked so many things when I shouldn't have. >.< I am not very good at dealing with other people's emotion. I just don't know how to act. And i was being selfish again today. Sigh. I'm letting myself down. 

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