December baby

It's been quite awhile since my last post. I claim to be super busy with my assignments and all, but the truth is I'm just too lazy and I was having too much fun in slacking at home watching Running Man and what not. Even my birthday post and my new year's resolution! I haven't even created my list yet! But it's okay, I'll think of my resolutions when I'm writing it down in my next post. 


21st December 2013
I was pretty impressed and shocked too when he said he was going to cook some food for the day. Not only did he cooked breakfast for me, but also dinner. 
Chef of the day!  Chef Jack.S.! HAHA!

If you're following my instagram, then you've probably already seen this picture before. Such a healthy breakfast aye? Scrambled egg, tuscan mushrooms, and some cherry tomatoes. He even served some yogurt drink. 
The funny thing was, he cooked all this for me but he cooked maggi for himself afterwards. -.-" 
Frankly, if I was cooking, I wouldn't really care so much about how the food looks. LOL. I don't care about the placement of the food or even the colours. He's my complete opposite and he's pretty good at making food looks good on a plate. 

Thanks to his sifu, Chef Gordon Ramsay, for his guidance and instructions.
To my surprise, they tasted quite good actually especially the mash potatoes that he made with crabmeat and lemon mixture of something and parsley (I think). I'm looking forward for the food that he will make next in the future. 
I'm a lucky girl. Hahaha!

When it was already 9pm or so, he asked if I would want to go out and have a cake but since I was quite full, so I declined. He said he would be going out to meet his friend, and I stayed home to study. But not long after, he surprised me with a cake in his hand while I was yet again, slacking while studying. (I was actually watching youtube videos haha!). Yi Xin was even playing the birthday song on her piano while this was happening. I think I was pretty awkward because I didn't know how to react and I was taken by surprise. But none the less, thank you so much loves. 


22nd December 2013 
Sunday was spent with him and his family at Kiraku for a luxurious japanese lunch and also to celebrate Yi Ting's and my birthday since it's december. Lai Kwan and I bought the voucher from living social for quite awhile already and finally, we get to use it to it's full extent! First time going into Kiraku even though it was quite near to where I was living. 

I think my selca skill is getting weaker since I wasn't really taking much pictures of myself like I used to. LOL. Vain level 99 decrease to level 10. How funny that my boyfriend had to give me the "How to take Selcas 101". Arm 45 degrees up, 45 degrees to the right/left and finally, camera must be 45 degrees down. What the bloody hell was that? 

Figuring out the light sensor thingy. Y so serious?? Lol
Group photo with the lovely bunch!


24th December 2013
It's Christmas Eve and this time I'm celebrating my 21st birthday quietly and peacefully with some friends and family at Tony Roma in Sunway Pyramid.
And as always, Pei Wen and I was the first one to arrive. image

I've forgotten the name, but this was SO GOOD!

Some random pictures of some of the food served.
No, I'm not writing a food review today. 

Thum and his other half, Kelly! 
Pwen ❤

With the girls

And guys


and very informal pics with my bro and mum. Hahaha!

Can't help but to upload this picture because of my brother and boyfriend. Pattern banyak! Beh tahan! 

Somehow I feel like I didn't take enough photos that day. Heck, my phone decided to die on me, so I can't even take any photos. Should have bought my mum's camera with me. Sad case. But either way, after dinner we headed to Setia Walk for some iDart. No, did not take part of the crazy countdown at the entrance of Sunway. We're too old for it and we look too pretty to get messed up with snow sprays and party strings. 
Thanks guys for celebrating Christmas and my birthday with me! Looking forward to celebrate many other special days with you guys! 
Much love! XOXO

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