25/11/12 Mum's Birthday

Here's a random gif I've created from my mum's birthday 

Shit, this is too small. I didn't realize it until I upload it using Gifboom. :( Why don't they have settings which I could change the size!?!
Oh, by the way, she was trying to touch her nose and then her chin with her freakishly long tongue during our Korean lunch at Daorae. 

Spent the day doing my lab report which I have to hand in tomorrow. Too bad I didn't start my studying yet. Which I should probably get started very soon because I don't want to fail my midterm test for every subject. I'm too good in finding things to do to avoid being very involve in self-studying. 

For the evening, we went to The Garden for this ride.

X-rider, 4D motion ride 
 Mum was very happy that she bought 4 tickets for RM28 from the online discount site. It normally cost RM20 per person. But if you buy 3, they'll give you one for free. That means it's RM60 for 4 people. The ride only can fit 4 people per ride, and the ride lasted for 5 minutes. There are many varieties of "movies" you can choose from, but just go with the one they recommended, because they know the rides well. I got on the ride twice. It's fun, but not sure if it's worth the RM20 though.
Oh, if you're a girl which is urm.. well-endowed, you have been warned. Because hell, I feel very uncomfortable during the ride and it itched after the ride ended. Oh, and make sure you don't eat too full before the ride! I felt a bit nausea after it too
Suckers for Peppermint mocha frapp

Cendol from Nyonya Colours @ Midvalley/The Gardens
I didn't know about the existence of this delicacy until I heard my housemate recommend it to me on one fine day when I said out loud that I have a sudden craving for cendol. Straight to Nyonya Colours when I had the chance and sat down ordered this and indulged in this sweet and delicious dessertl! It's very sweet but yet a little bitter at the end of every spoonful, I like it.

This is the best at could do at enlarging a very small gif.
"Oppa, gangnam style~"

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