Scam or not?

Update on 27th Dec 2012
Apparently, one of my friend did made some money from it. But that's all thanks to her big social circle and she found many downlines so it's profitable. But for my other friend, I'm afraid it's not that well for her. She's struggling to find downlines, and since many are members already, that makes it harder and more competition. She took her money back but it took at least one month and clicking on ads everyday to take earn it back. And I heard the company are changing their tactics and way of doing things so it's not so profitable and easy.
My advise is, if you have a great big circle of friends who is easy to recruit in this quick money scheme and is willing to join you to take risk then maybe you can play for awhile. Otherwise, better go take some part time jobs instead.


So recently, there's this new hot thing that has been spreading around my friends. A new way to earn money fast and I can just do it in my own home. Easy right? I'll just spare 5 mins everyday to click 5 ads to earn RM5. Too easy in fact. 

But no. I don't trust these fast-money thing. Unless you know how to play the game and take the risk. I'm not a risk taker as I know I'm still a greenhorn in this "adult world". I don't know much about how the dark business world works either.
So here's some points that I like to share regarding it :

  1. You need to register as a member through your upline with RM150. Then you can start.
  2. I've done my homework. My friend who recently joined said this is a new company and this is only the first batch they have hired. But according to this,
    It seems like it's already begun around June 2012.
  3. When I asked about the money, it's not given to her yet since it's her first week, but the amount is stated in her (3pleA) account. Two weeks once they will pay their members via what, i do not know. 
  4. The site is just 5 months old, it's rather new. 
  5. Who is giving the money? RM1 for one click? How and why? Or do they take the RM150 registration fees from the downlines to pay for the uplines?
  6. If it's that easy to make money, why don't the people just make money clicking all the way through without recruiting members? 
  7. Have you heard any of your friends who have successfully seen the money being banked in or handed on to them?
  8. It seem's like there's not much info on the internet on 3pleA Solution except for more members doing blogpost and even posting it on forums to promote it.
  9. The site itself looks... gimmick enough for me. There's no contact number, no info about the company, not even the employer's note or blah
  10. Is it illegal or something????
  11. This recruiting member thing is done with the mouth-of-word. Suspicious?
There's just too much doubt in this fast-money scheme. Maybe it really does work, but I think it will only last for a few months before it runs away with the rest of the money. For those early members, maybe they really will make some extra incomes from this. For those downdowndowndowndownlines, well.... best of luck?

A few of my close friends are already in it, all I can say is... well.. Good luck? and run fast?

If you're curious, you can click here to see their website.

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