26/11/12 Negative

Rushed back to Cyberjaya today from Shah Alam home. I'm so used to sleeping 8 hours plus everyday, I can't seem to focus the next day at all. My vision blurred, my mind lazy, and I just feel like eating. =.=
I skipped 3 hours worth of class today, again, the pattern of skipping classes are beginning to start again. I only skipped those class that I feel will make no difference if I were to attend to. 
Lab today.. but..
How wonderful, they waited till the last minute to inform us. Zz

Fooled around once I got home, I didn't even took a nap, I regretted that. 
Went to Puchong for dinner at Penang One, Char kuey teow is damn nice, but it is still my No. 2 fav CKT. No. 1 will always be the midnight CKT in my hometown. Oh, how I yearn for the one-hour-wait-for-ckt. Lol yeah, need to wait one hour for the order to be complete. Everytime.

Thank you SoonEn
These are delicious, I don't always eat chocolate, but lately I've been eating it a lot more than I used to. I guess I just need more happy chemical inside of me. Because I feel like shit today, -.-. Very shitty indeed. That's why this post is named "Negative".

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