Taobao Haul

Taken from my insta @joeyk2512

Finally, our taobao products have arrived! And it only took 2 weeks for these babies to be flown and delivered to our doorstep. I'm satisfied at all the products, that goes the same for my housemates too. Taobao really have many cheap stuff (especially phone covers) and there are many to choose from. *We didn't ordered those RMB1.00 one since they are TOO cheap and I'm sure the quality isn't that good too, so people, shop wisely* We bought more than these in the picture actually, but it's private and confidential. Haha. Some products are still missing though. Will have to ask the dealer again. 

I wonder why I didn't buy more covers for myself. I've noticed that I only bought one and the others were for my mum, brother, and boyfriend. -.-'

If you are interested in buying, make sure you find a good taobao agent! No, you can't buy directly from taobao because payment are made with their own currency and bank. 
In case you want to have a go with it, here's the agent we contacted -

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