I'm inactive I know

I've been inactive for awhile again. But I'm here and there right now. I'm even back on tumblr, which do you know have very app for iPhone? Yes, I can see so many things on my phone during my classes right now. What more can I have? Another new thing that I can divert my focus during lectures. 

I'm kinda contradicting actually. 
I want my blog to be read, but I refuse to write more, because I think most of it are too personal for people to be reading. So I wrote it down in my tumblr where very very very less people know about it. So that the people I know won't have a chance to read it. But there's a little part inside of me wants to be popular blogger. Which I think, is a quite difficult task, given that... I'm too blardy negative about everything. *Turns out I'm not a very optimist person that I used to be right now*

I've also noticed the change in my blogging style from the year in my another blog, my old blog. I can like create 2-4 posts per day when I feel like it. 30 posts for December 2008, no kidding. I write what I think, what I want, what I have on my mind without caring who my readers are. Then slowly I began writing rants.. to make fun of people and their silly ways. It's enjoyable since I got many friends that would praise my "art of rants". Then I began to WANT to satisfy them instead of me by writing things for THEM and not ME. I think I've lost my way. It's not too late to turn back!

Aaaaanyway, I've decided to turn my blog into a journal. I don't care if I bore people to death cause I'm the most important audience. I like what I type, that's all I need. *muahahaha*

Physical Electronics.
Look at it. I demand you to look at the electrical, mechanical-ish and engineer-ish obscure-to-you-ordinary-people components and gadgets!!!
It's not a big deal actually. They're just.... multimeters, red blue wires, and some shits you don't have to know

Here's to start things off. I'm beginning it today. *Oh, this takes me back to the first time I created a blog account* *reminisce reminisce* 

Today was a very busy day. Because of the labs and lectures I have to go to. I don't even have time to eat until we finished the lab session. 4pm for my lunchner (lunch + dinner). I'm so taken aback of the fact that I went for lectures. I used to skip most of the classes, it's a pattern, after midterm, I'll disappear like a shadow. But the lecturers for the subjects I took are not bad, so I guess that's what changed my mind. Nahz, I lied, honestly, I read Naruto in class when it's boring. That's what keep me awake, or else I'll doze off in class.
babi weh, 11am till 7pm non-stop sial...

Came back from from class dilly dally here and there. Home is where I can do anything except studying. Oh, I accidentally dyed half of my new polyester blouse and a white shirt with bleh. *Cries* I only wore the blouse once weh. Now it's contaminated with blue blotches. Goddamnitstupidme. 

Bah, it's 12am now, I guess it's time for me to hit the bed and wake up for tomorrow's 8am class! 

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