Boyfriend versus Friends

I'm taking a break from my slow progress of studying to doodle something and share some thoughts.

I have seen people that I know, puts their relationship waaaaay ahead of their priority list. I'm wondering which type of "friend" I am when I'm in a relationship. I used to say "bros before hoes" *well, it's kinda funny if a girl uses this phrase. Cause I don't know which one I should categorize as bros or hoes* which basically just means friends first before our other half.

During high school time, I really did put my friends first before all my ex-es. That's because I wasn't really in serious relationships back then, I couldn't find the one which I would really.. well, fall in love with. 
But this time, it's different.

Honestly, I would drop anything to spend some time with him. I would miss my fortnight trip back to my hometown. I would rather go and see him than go back to my hometown to meet with my friends. I would reject my mum's invitation to have dinner during the weekend. I would put my home-works and assignment on hold. I would drive to another state alone without the consent of my mother (driving limitation issues). Oho, I've changed so much. I didn't know I had that in me. 
Mostly, I get to spend the weekends with him when he's back to Malaysia, hmm.. maybe one or twice a month I guess when there are special occasions or so. When I got back to Cyberjaya to resume my campus life, it's like I got pulled out from my dream-like world and back to the shitty reality. I think I have read too much manga and watched too much dramas, because all of them makes me thinks that life just revolves around love and stuff but not about other things that matters also.

I digress. 

Okay, I often see girls put their love life first and then they slowly disappear from their friends. Well, because they are too "busy" for them. Most of them just last for a few months, because the relationship is still fresh. Then they become more involved with their usual friends again. But I do know worse cases that a girl can be in. When one is too attached to their other half, this happens...

"Hey, wanna have breakfast tomorrow? I haven't see you in awhile now!"
"Oh, hey. Ya, I think I can't. I have to help my mum/have to fetch my sister/have to watch over my sick dog/pet hamster died/sister's pet hamster died/pet cactus died/the sun burns my skin/etc."

"Hey wanna have dinner tonight? We should meet up, it's been ages!"
"Oh haaaaaiii! I would love to! But unfortunately I have a night curfew/dinner with family/my house stinks, I have to clean/I can't go out on a rainy night/my mum forbids me/chuchupickachu/etc."

And then moments later, a friend would come and tell you that they saw this friend going out with their boyfriend. Apparently, you are not good enough to know the truth. I wonder why some people like to hide it so much. It's not like doing anything wrong. LYING is obviously wrong.
Then on one fine day, this girl and her guy decided to break up. So, this girl starts to cry a lot and sulk everyday. Then begins to find her once close friend to make her feel better.
I don't really have a friend like that. Or I have to say, I don't count them as my friends. No. They should realize and know that they are the one who throw their friends out of their life first. They should repent and deserve the same treatment that they gave to other people. 

At least I can proudly say that I am not that kind of a person who would make up excuses and lie to my friends that I would be busy hanging out with my boyfriend. I swear I will not become one of those people. Because I believe friends are as important as our other half or even family. We spent most of our life with our friends too, so don't ever forget that fact.

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