Personal things, too much!

Nope, I guess I can't really express everything everyday right here. Because there's always something on my mind that I have to think about, and it's always personal, I don't feel like sharing it to the people, because I would feel "too read-ible" some how.  And some times what I think may be too emotional and might piss other people off or maybe make them uncomfortable. So, I'm not doing that either.

Besides, I'm sure that people are glad I didn't post it publicly for them to read. Some things are better left not known. I'm sure people are hiding things from me as well, and it would make me feel better if I don't know anything. And the better if I don't even know you're hiding things from me. "hide-ception"

It's getting merry in Sunway Pyramid

It's December soon.  
It's Christmas soon.
It's my birthday soon. 
It's New Year soon. 

So little time, so much to do!

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