The first time I've ever seen so many students cramped up in the lecture hall.
So much for the "compulsory" thing, and how important this talk is to us. I didn't even know it exist until I heard my coursemate said something about serious punishment for not attending the talk. Well, all those are of course bullshits lecturers said to make sure we attend the talk. Head counts. That lady right there is very enthusiastic to make us interested in being "the leader of the future" or something something. I'm sorry, I couldn't take it, I went back home after sitting there for almost an hour. I don't think it can motivate me very well.
Although, Soon Fatt said I have missed the most interesting part of the day. Where a student was debating with the old lady right there. Aww....

True and good friends are so hard to find. Nowadays, people just like to use other people. Is that what friends are for? Seriously, I'm getting sick of some people stepping on my head. I don't even feel like bothering some people anymore. I think it's best if I just leave them alone and distance myself from them. This world is so sick. 

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