14/11/13 Ben's, Bangsar Shopping Centre & Uncle Jang, Bandar Puteri Puchong

It's so weird seeing me suddenly so active last week and then *poof*, I'm silent for a few days. I apologize for the inconsistent post but now I'm here to blog about last Thursday. A date with Grace at Ben's in BSC.

It's my second time in BSC, and it's actually my first time in Ben's. 

Overall, I think the place is quite cozy and spacey too. They even have mini recipe and conversation cards in the square little box.

Breaded Button Mushroom with aioli, RM16
I thought the fried mushroom(or at least it looks like it) would be crunchy or so but the texture is just like boiled mushrooms. Don't really like this even though I like mushrooms.

Deconstructed Thai Beef Salad, Rm27
Honestly, the only thing that lured me to order this is the word "mango". The portion was huge but still quite pricey, IMO. The mango was sour image and the sauce was sweet, tangy and very spicy. I didn't really like this either. 

Cafe Latte, RM7.90

Caramel Chocolate Banana, RM11
 Thank goodness for dessert. The cake was really creamy and chocolaty but not too sweet. 

Berrific Sundae, RM13
I'm not a fan of ice-cream but this was pretty good. 

Third floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre, 
285 Jalan Maarof, 
Bukit Bandaraya, Bangsar.
Opening Hour | Everyday 11am - 11pm

Grace diligently taking photos of the foods.

..and me taking some selfies. image

It was actually my first time dating Grace out. Even though it's a little awkward, I had a great time talking to her since we're from the same high school. I'm quite a loner during high-school so I don't mix around much. After a few years of being a loner, I think I finally opened up during my University life. Sorry, I digress. Well, looking forward to more meet-ups with her! Though she's going to be out of the country pretty soon after she graduate. I'm happy for her and sad at the same time because that means I'm going to have one less friend to hang out with.

None the less, looking forward to the next trip. I hope we'll be kayak-ing the next time we meet!

The content after these sheeps are not very useful but it is advised that you finish reading this post. 

Hashtag ootd? Haha

After tea time with Grace, I went straight to Uncle Jang in Puchong for dinner with my usual gang. 
The girls are always the earliest. Even though we drove from places that are further away from the guys. What is happening to the world nowadays?

Everyone is just so happy. I don't know why. I forgot what we were talking about. 

Whazzat face for???


Picture of the day. 
The look that says "This is just too spicy to handle"

Ey, tak hapa hapa la Hau Loong
Take picture also want press phone! image

It's been a long time since the last time we went there to eat. The menu has changed and there was no such thing as adding egg to our food anymore! Such a disappointment. As always, it's very oily, I don't know why so many girls are eating these kind of food and they don't look fat. I mean when I was there, I saw a lot of girl eating in there. Other than that, I think the ramen was over-soaked because it wasn't chewy enough. Adding the cheese sari didn't really change much of the taste. To be honest, you won't even be able to taste the cheese, so I think it's better to not add them.
A piece of advice, even though you can handle SUPER spicy, please don't order the spicy one. The guys that were eating the spicy one ended up choosing the non-spicy one. Because it's just too much to handle. For the side dish, as always we ordered the beef. It's sweet but I think it's the best food in the menu. 

Okay, I think that's it for today. This post is kinda written in a half-assed manner but... I can only manage to do this for now. Hahaha! Thanks for reading!

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