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Hello! I've been hanging out with so many awesome people lately and this is my third event with StarHero. Another food post coming up! This time, we were invited to D'spice that was also in BB Park like Marquee. It was a Friday night and as y'all know, Friday means #TGIF. KL was so crowded with locals and foreigners! BB Park is not an exception. Not only that, there were even some performance going on outside of D'spice. We had the perfect view for it but at the same time, we had so much difficulties talking to each other because the music was so loud. 

Let's not bore you anymore. Now, for the food!


D'spice was first established in October 2010. The restaurant serves a fusion of Western, Malaysian and Middle Eastern food. 

Definitely not a place that would have an alcohol shortage. image

The owner was there to explain the food that was served.

Them bloggers hard at work. image

The cocktails shown in the picture are Tequila Sunrise and Frozen Margarita. I have no comment on these as I don't drink alcohol and I do not know how to describe them. Though I tried their Mocha Chocolate Blended as it was recommended to me. Thank goodness they did, because it was so yummy!

The first dish was the Chef's Fav Mix Canapes 
of smoked salmon, cheese & ham, tuna & caviar, and poach prawns.
If you don't know about canapes like me, I'm going to google it for you. You can thank me later.
A canapé (a type of hors d’œuvre, "outside the (main) work") is a small, prepared and usually decorative food, held in the fingers and often eaten in one bite.
There wasn't enough canapes for all of us and I am one of the lucky ones that tried all four because I'm so greedy. Everything was nice except the salmon because it was too salty for me. Also, the bread(?) base was a little bit stale and hard to chew, I wonder if it's because they waited too long for us to start. Nevertheless, it serves as a great snack and appetizer.

Smoked Salmon Salad

Shrimp Salad
I totally adore salad and I must say, I love their salad sauce as it was tangy. I favor the shrimp salad more because of the issue with the smoked salmon. Though if eaten with the leafy bits, I guess it's not half bad.

Nasi Lemak Chicken Rendang
To my surprise, the chicken rendang was really good! Though the ikan bilis was a bit too hard and had gone stale too.

Lamb Shank with Biryani Rice
It's been so long since I've had middle eastern food and I have forgotten how fragrant their rice can be. The lamb shank was so soft and tender but I think it lacks of taste. The sambal/sauce was awesome though.

The main star of the day, Organic Rib Eye Steak
With extra gravy!! And they even have fried golden mushroom, my fav. Okay, enough about the side dishes and back to the steak. The steak was super huge and the one I got was medium cooked, which I think was a little overcooked because I had a hard time chewing it. As for the taste and flavor..... I find it very disappointing. 

Australian Waghu Beef Ribs
They did a wonderful job cooking the ribs, because it was very tender. Though, it wasn't good or bad, just normal for me. Again, I think it lacks of flavor too. Everyone was so hype about the skinny fries though and I understand why after I've tried it. I don't normally consume fries, but it was pretty darn good. 

Pizza Chili Bilis
I put my slice of pizza down after the first bite. My stomach was on the brink of exploding, and also it tasted so salty and a little bit fishy. I didn't like it at all but I think this dish is an acquired taste.

Chocolate Brownies, Nangka, and Ice Cream
If you're into super sweet desserts, then this is definitely for you. As for me, I think the sweetness level has gone far beyond my tolerance.

I like this dessert.... and that is all.
image Sorry, I really have no idea what to comment on this. It was ordinary I guess.

I think D'spice is more of a 
I think the food tasted very ordinary (and some are weird), there's no "ohmp" to it. You know what I mean? Plus, I'm more of a "strong flavor" person and the food they serve are a bit bland for me. Aside from the food, they serve pretty good drinks lah. The place can get pretty hot even at night and they only have fans. 

D'spice Restaurant & Bar
BB002, Ground Floor, 
BB Park, Jln. Bukit Bintang, 
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Opening hours | Mon - Sun : 10am - 2am

Here are some detailed reviews by the other bloggers

After reading their reviews, I think I'm the only one having problem with their food. image Nonetheless, these are my honest opinions and I think I'm pretty hard to please. Hahaha!


Selfies of the night with Grace and my love.

My sunflower girl guy. HAHAHA! Can't help but laugh every time I see this. 
So damn hiaoimage

That night was super fun as I get to talk to more bloggers that I've seen but not officially met. Unfortunately, I didn't take much photos with them because I have a very crappy iPhone for a camera.  Haha! Plus the other bloggers were all taking pictures with their awesome compacts and DSLRs, cannot compete. I think I better save up some money to buy one for myself too. But it's so darn expensive! Dilemma dilemma. 
To buy or not to buy
Okay, that sounds stupid. Thanks for reading! Till next time.

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