30/10/13 Hau Loong's and Alicia's Birthday

I'm gonna show you some pictures of lobsters first because I mean... how often can you eat lobsters!??! (Maybe you do... but not me! image) All thanks to Ivan who brought it back and he's kind enough to treat us with dua ekor of it. 
Thank you x99999

Cooked by Fatty Seafood Restaurant, located in Bandar Puteri Puchong. I didn't get to do a proper review of this restaurant as I was gobbling up the food when it came because I was starving! Also, I think Chinese food is a little hard for me to describe because of the Chinese name. When it comes to Chinese words, I'm like ( 3.3) so please understand. But if you're looking for a good chinese restaurant that serves dishes, please give this Restaurant a try. image

We went to Setia Walk for another round of dinner + celebration for Hau Loong and Alicia! A late celebration for our Hua Loong (flower dragon) whose birthday falls on 28th of Oct and an early one for Alicia which is on the 2nd of Nov.

Birthday cake from Kobo Bakery

The main stars of the day!

This exclusive picture is the one that has claimed the nickname Hua Loong for Mr Lee. 
image Please don't kill me if you see this here. 

The girls. Purposely chose this picture because my face look super thin here. image I've been gaining some weight lately and my boyfriend said it's been showing on my face. You'll understand when I post my Bangkok trip up. 

The boys with the queen of the day. image

Bromance actions. Fooling around and molesting the birthday boy. image

And this lost cause here took the pizza board as his dessert plate. And he look so charming.. like a professional food-loving Italian poser that you see on TV. Except for the fact that this guy lack of the presence of a classic moustache . 

Happy day with ze lovelies!
We went out till 11.30pm without even noticing it. Thought of watching Insidious 2 but we realized it was a bit late for it since most of them have to work the next day. So we have to pass on the 11.50pm screening. By the way, the place we went for our second round was horrible. Do not go to this place called Amelio if you're going to Setia Walk. I'll explain more about it in my next post. 

Happy birthday Hau Loong and Alicia once again! 
Much love from all of us! image

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