Amelio, Setia Walk

Amelio has a really nice looking environment and it gave me a really good impression at first... note: at first. The waitress serving us was very friendly and quite cheeky too, but she served us very well. The menu was very attractive as they have many pictures of the food that they serve. I think this is my first time seeing a 20(or so)-paged menu in my whole life. We were very much impressed by the menu so we had a very high expectation of the food. 

But when the food finally came... it was very disappointing

Avocado and Mandarin Orange Salad, RM16.90
We ordered a big salad and I think it's obvious that the restaurant's boss is a cheapskate. Given the name of "Avocado and mandarin orange salad", we expect more of them, but they just gave tiny amount of it. It's like less than half of an avocado and 2/3 of an orange. 

De Angelo Hawaiian Special Pizza, RM13.90
Pizza is very tiny and the bread was super thin. The amount of topping on this pizza just make me frown. Tasted ordinary.

Triple Chicken Super Supreme Pizza, RM28.90
Again, the pizza was tiny despite the price, but at least the topping was better than the last one. The crust was very thin also. I don't prefer thin pizzas. 

Quad Panacotta shots, RM15.90
As the name suggest, the panna cotta is served in shot glasses. To our surprise, the syrup was extremely sweet as it was very viscous. Everyone of us who had a taste immediately grimaced and pass it to the other person. The only flavour that was tolerable was the chocolate flavored one. About the panna cotta itself, I'd say it didn't have that milky taste that I was hoping for and the texture felt like pudding.  

The amount of money that we were charged made our jaws dropped. Seriously it wasn't worth it because it was too expensive. With this kind of price, we were expecting really high quality food but no. We've been scammed. Big time.
Their ice lemon tea was super dilute and it just taste like water with a hint of bitterness, I can barely taste the lemon. I seriously don't know how they can make it taste this bad. Do not ever order the mixed german berry heck, do not ever come here, it smells like antibiotic and is sour-ish. The roasted almond chocolate... taste like chocolate drink that I normally make at home with Van houten cocoa powder. There wasn't a hint of almond too! 

Basically, everything we ordered was a big let-down. The cook was incredibly horrible and they can even ruin a simple lemon tea. We were basically shocked all over (kiri, kanan, center pun kena) on the quality of the food and drinks despite our first impression on the outlook of the place.

This place deserves a -2/5
image image
Never will I step foot again into Amelio

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I-7-G, SetiaWalk, Persiaran Wawasan, 
Pusat Bandar Puchong 47160 Puchong
Contact number | 03-5880 6915

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