3/11/13 What I've been reading and watching

I don't know why but I just felt like sharing these wonderful piece of art to the world.

Hirunaka No Ryuusei / Daytime Shooting Star
By | Yamamori Mika
Genre | Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Slice Of Life

I'd say this is a pretty rare find because of the quality of the drawings and also they have a very strong story plot! I for one, am a sucker for pretty details of the drawing. I think I found my favorite manga artist! Sorry Benny Wong Thong Hou(he's a Malaysian!), you're number 2 now. image I really like the story plot too, it's so unpredictable (well, at least for me it's this way).

The story is about a country girl moving to Tokyo to live with his uncle due to her father's transfer to somewhere far away. Then it describes how her life went from there, how she interacted with new friends in her school.. especially the teacher. Along the way, many things happened. She had to deal with a jealous bitch but then quickly became best friend with her, fell in love for the first time, rejected a really sweet guy, and other high school drama etc that makes you go *doki doki* image Can't believe I actually use that word, lol. 

Main character | Suzume Yosano
Basically a country pumpkin. She seems very quiet, a girl that has a lot of guts, is brutally honest, a little boyish, and doesn't know how to read people. A little dense too. But I find her reactions to things are very amusing and also cute in a way. 

She's very pretty, but she is always seen with the two braided pigtails like in the first picture. Low profile sehhh

Hot Teacher | Satsuki Shishio
I super ship him okay. Ever since the first time I laid eyes on him. Er, I mean saw his appearance in the manga. He doesn't even look like a teacher, he looks like some hipster who surprisingly knows what to wear during his free time/out of school time. He's normally very cheeky, funny and caring too but recently he's just so confusing in the stories. It's like he made me go.... "What the hell are you doing dude?".

I love how he could pissed off Suzume every single time.

Another thing that I notice and like about this manga is the variety of hairstyles of the characters. Normally, you'll only see like the same haircut for the guys right? But I think I saw like... 10 different hairstyles for Shishio alone.

Cool Cat | Daiki Mamura
Used to be an a**hole towards girls. He acted coldly to every girls as a defense so that nobody would know the truth, that is... he's actually very shy and blushes like a tomato when interacting with females. Normally he would just ask girls to shut up or go away. But thanks to Suzume, he changed. He is actually the first friend she made in Tokyo. Slowly, he fell in love with her but unfortunately...she doesn't feel the same way.
I said I ship Shishio right? But then recently, after reading the new chapters, I think it's better for Suzume to like Mamura instead. He acts like a knight but then is very humble and understanding in his own ways. He's also quite romantic. image

Okay, I think I definitely ship Mamura more than I thought, without even noticing it.

Tie grabs for the love rivals.

The other characters!
There's actually a very complicated relationship here, but then you'll have to read it to know, I don't want to spoil it for you. 

My rating for Daytime Shooting Star
image image image image image

The Master's Sun
Korean Drama
Genre | Comedy, Horror, Romance, Miniseries

All thanks to my boyfriend's sister, Yi Xin for introducing this drama to me. Even my brother was watching it and said it was really good. So, I downloaded it from cybertracker(MMU's sharing server?). It's been awhile since I last downloaded korean dramas. Just like any other korean love stories, the male character is a super rich CEO and the heroine is.. well, not really a damsel in distress. The only twist here is the fact that the heroine can see ghost and she helps them with their request because she doesn't have a choice and she is too kind to ignore them. 

I find Tae Gong Shil (Gong Hyo-Jin) very refreshing and pretty. 

Some times it gets quite scary but then seconds later you will find me laughing like a maniac.

A very important and memorable quote, "Gyo joh!"

Let me clear up your misunderstanding. The story goes like this. She likes to touch him because he is the only one person in the world that when touched, can make the ghost she sees goes away like *poof*. So, when she knew of his existence (thanks to a spirit) she swear to herself that she would follow him and make use of his ability. Before meeting him, she used to coop up in her house all day long because she can't live a normal life anymore after an incident that made her fell into a coma for 3 years then when she woke up, she can see spirits. 
Why did the guy didn't get rid of her? That's because he's also haunted but not by spirits but by his own past and he needs her to help him solve a crime that revolves around him. The key to solving it
is by asking his dead first love who was also involve in the crime. 
The ending was quite interesting and happy as well. Luckily, because I hate shitty and confusing endings.

My rating for The Master's Sun
image image image image image
Didn't get a full mark because there was some part of the drama that I didn't understand.

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